DLTE (Odor Eliminator)

DLTE (Odor Eliminator)



DLTE is designed to be a true odor eliminator. Where many products are built to mask or cover up odors with fragrance, DLTE actually alters odor molecules in real-time to make them imperceptible to humans, leaving a truly odor-free, neutral finish. DLTE can be sprayed either in the air or directly onto problem surfaces to quickly solve even the most troublesome and long-lasting foul smells. Strong enough for the professional cleaning industry, but safe enough for your child’s room, DLTE just works.


Additional Details:

  • Great for pet odors (cat-pans, pet beds, urine, etc.)
  • Easily eliminate odors from athletic equipment and shoes.
  • Perfect for waste cans and diaper pails.
  • Quickly removes odors from the kitchen after cooking.



Water (7732-18-5) Solvent, Confidential Ingredient, Fragrance (proprietary mixture) Fragrance. 


SDS Sheet: