Here is the shortlist of certificates that Surface Diablo powered by Titania has.
Over $35,000 has been spent just in 2021 to verify that Surface Diablo is the superior product we know it to be!


  • AATCC Test Method 147 Anti-Microbial
  • AATCC TM 100 Anti-Bacterial
  • ASTM d5034-09(2017) (Grab Test)
  • ASTM d3511/d3511m-16 Brush Pilling Tester
  • California Technical Bulletin 117:2013 (January 2019 revision) Smolder Test
  • AATCC TM16.3, opt.3 – 2014e2 Colorfastness Testing Xenon Arch
  • AATCC TM8-2016.e Colorfastness to Crocking
  • ASTM d4034 / d4034m-19 Slippage Test
  • ASTM d1308-02(2013) Stain Resistance CFFA-141 (2017), method II
  • ASTM d4157-13(2017) Abrasion Resistance of Textile Fabrics